• Article 1 : Information

This information on our tourist products constitutes the preliminary offer set out in the following general purchasing terms and conditions. Nevertheless, changes may inevitable made to the nature of the services.  Pursuant to the Labour Code and article R211-5 of the Tourism Code, any changes made shall be brought to the attention of the customer.

  • Article 2: Liability

Château de la Plinguetière  is liable under the terms of article L211-16 of the Tourism Code, which stipulates:
“All natural persons and legal entities that perform the operations mentioned in article L.211-1 is ex officio liable to the purchaser for meeting the contractual obligations, whether or not this contract was concluded remotely, and whether or not these obligations are to be performed themselves or by other service providers, without prejudice their right to bring a claim against them, and within the limit of the damages provided for by international agreements. Nevertheless, it may be exonerated from all or part of its liability by providing evidence that non-execution or poor execution of the contract is attributable either to the purchaser or due to the fact, unforeseeable and unsurmountable, of a third party to the provisions of the contractual services, or a case of force majeure. »

  • Article 3: The booking

The booking becomes final once a down payment representing 20% of the holiday price is paid, and a copy of the quote signed and returned to the Château before the deadline indicated on the quote.

  • Article 4:  Membership

Being a Law 1901 Association, Château de la Plinguetière is not subject to usual tourist tax. However, as an entity governed by Law 1901, the association shall request membership by natural persons or legal entities once a year.

  • Article 5: Late registration

When a booking request is made less than 30 days before day D, the whole balance is payable.

  • Article 6: Arrival

Customers must arrive at the time mentioned on the quote.
In the event of late or delayed arrival or being unable to come, customers must directly inform the Château de la Plinguetière, whose address and telephone number are given on the quote. Unconsumed services shall be borne by the customer.
At least 3 weeks before arrival, the customer must have sent a list of all guests to the bookings department.

  • Article 7: Settlement of the balance

Upon arrival, customers must immediately go to reception, as long as it is open, to pay the remaining booking amount.

  • Article 8: Cancellation

Any cancellation by the customer must be notified to the Château de la Plinguetière. The following assumptions have been made:

  • Cancellation over 30 days before the break: 10% of the holiday price
  • Cancellation between the 30th and 21st day, inclusive, before the break: 25% of the holiday price,
  • Cancellation between the 20th and 8th day, inclusive, before the break: 50% of the holiday price,
  • Cancellation between the 7th and 2nd day, inclusive, before the break: 75% of the holiday price,
  • Cancellation on the day before the break: 100% of the holiday price.

Nevertheless, for groups we accept a variation in guest lists of 10%. This change in the number of participants must also be notified to personnel of the Château de la Plinguetière.

  • Article 9: Interruption

No reimbursement will be owed by us in the event of interruption to the stay.

  • Article 10: Modification to a substantial element of the contract by the bookings department

According to R211-10 of the Tourism Code:
“When, before the departure of the purchaser, the vendor is required to make a change to one of the substantial elements of the contract such as a significant price hike, and breaches the information obligation mentioned in section 13 of article R.211-4, the purchaser may, without prejudice to any compensation claims for damages, and after having been informed by the vendor by any means enabling notification of receipt.
- either cancel the contract and obtain immediate reimbursement of the sums paid;
- or accept the changes or the replacement trip proposed by the vendor; an amendment to the contract specifying the changes made is then signed by the parties; any reduction in price is deducted from sums still owed by the purchaser and, if the payment already made by the latter exceeds the price of the modified service, the excess paid must be returned before their departure date.”

  • Article 11: Where the vendor is no longer able to provide the services during the stay

According to 211-11 of the Tourism Code:
“When, after the departure of the purchaser, the vendor is unable to provide the majority of the services set out in the contract, representing a significant percentage of the price paid by the purchaser, the vendor must immediately take the following measures without prejudice to any claim for damages suffered:
- or propose services replacing the envisaged services, bearing any additional price and, if the services accepted by the purchaser are of an inferior quality, the vendor must reimburse the price difference upon his return;
- or, if unable to provide any replacement service, or if these are refused by the purchase for valid reasons, provide the purchase, at no additional price, with travel tickets under conditions deemed to be equivalent, to the place of departure of another place accepted by the two parties. »

  • Article 12: Accommodation

Services may be sold “dry” or with bed, board and drinks. When a customer wants single use of a double room, we shall have a right to request an individual supplement, fixed in advance by the bookings department.

  • Article 13: Meals 

Meals are served at the following times:

  • Breakfast: Between 8h00 and 9h00
  • Lunch: Between 12h00 and 13h00
  • Dinner: Between 19h00 and 20h00

Just one formula is available by meal. Any special dietary requests should be sent in writing to the bookings department. This shall be accepted if feasible.

  • Article 14: Tips

With a booking by a legal entity, we apply the following tips:

  • Tips for all drivers.
  • 1 tip per group of 23.
  • Article 15: Room hire

After payment of the down payment to confirm the room hire, you will be asked to sign a civil liability declaration and a guarantee cheque to be submitted at least one month before the effective date. The following rules should be respected while consuming the service:

  • Overnight hire begins at 17h00 and ends at 10h00 the following day.
  • Weekend hire begins on Friday at 17h00 and ends on Sunday at 10h00.
  • The room must be returned in the same condition it was provided.
  • Any glass waste must be removed by the hirers.

Any request to extend the hire period should be sent in writing to the bookings department.

  • Article 16: Complaints 
Any complaints concerning the breach or incorrect execution of this contract must be sent to Château de la Plinguetière as soon as possible, and must be made in writing.